World Resources Institute, Water Quality Targeting Success Stories

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) “provides America’s farmers and ranchers with financial and technical assistance to voluntarily put conservation on the ground, not only helping the environment but agricultural operations, too.” Water Quality Targeting Success Stories poses two questions: how can federal conservation programs be even more successful in improving water quality, and how can those positive impacts be measured and documented? Based on the case studies of water quality successes (including the paucity of such cases), and on the insights from previous conservation targeting and water quality analyses, the report offers recommendations to help leaders of any targeted watershed project achieve and quantify in-stream water quality outcomes and other environmental, social, or economic outcomes.

Following WRI’s templated report style, this American Farmland Trust co-branded paper uses a defined type hierarchy, bright WRI branded colors and proprietary infographics. While the author had some images of her own, it was my job as art director to help find images elsewhere which were appropriate for use. Additionally, I assisted in the production of the infographics—one very illustrative—used in the report.